Delboy’s Guide to Typesetting and Self-Publishing


Listen up you Plonkers, this really isn’t that difficult. If you have written a book or del_ publication and are self publishing or simply have permission to reproduce an existing publication, Me and my Brother Rodney will guide you through each step with everything you need to know.

So simple that even Trigger could do it.

TICkElectronic Files

First of all you need to get your manuscript into an electronic form. The most common procedure here is to simply produce it in either Microsoft Word or if you are using a Mac, you could use the Apple pages software, either will work just cushty. Alternatively if you have the confidence and know how, you could send us your manuscript in a templated form using software such as Adobe Indesign.

My Brother Rodney is a bit of a whizz when it comes to computerization, he has two GCE’s you know !!

TICkCopy Editing
Copy-editing is particularly important for non-fiction titles. You are the expert on the content and the facts; however, there could be mistakes in spelling, punctuation and consistency. You may have become too close to your text and can no longer notice the errors that will become all too obvious when the book is printed! We have experienced copy-editors who will check for errors and correct them. We will always consult you about any proposed changes. You can choose not to have your text professionally copy-edited if you are confident it is unnecessary.

Cosmic !!

TICkPage and Cover Design
The presentation and design of your publication is extremely important. It is the cover that provides the initial visual impact that attracts potential purchasers. We will discuss your ideas with you and then turn your ideas into a cover design. We can include photographs or illustrations. We will work with you and advise you on the ideal page size, how the book will look and which typefaces to use. We will prepare specimen pages of your book and send them to you for your comment and approval, and we will amend the designs if you are not happy.

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TICkPage Proofs
We will provide you with a set of pdf page proofs and a cover proof to check for any final errors or mistakes. This stage is not a good time to re-write! It is important that the text has been carefully edited before this stage. At this stage you can let us know of any further corrections. When you return the proofs we will take in the corrections and arrange print ready pdfs ready to go off to the printer.

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This time next year you’ll be a millionaire !!!!