UK Typesetting and Ebooks est 1982

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Kerrypress Ltd.

Kerrypress are a UK family typesetting business that has been established for
over 30 years. As I am sure that you are aware, the bulk of UK typesetting and production of ebooks are currently being carried out offshore, primarily in India and the
Philippines. Due to our lower overheads and time management skills we are now able to compete with these offshore prices whilst providing a fast and efficient service.

Over the years at Kerrypress we have worked with many Publishing houses,  Authors, Editors, Indexers, Designers and Printers and have built up an excellent relationship with all of them. So over many years we have been working closely with our project management system so we can combine all of our contacts skills and make the process of publishing a book as hassle free and as enjoyable a process as possible.project

As experienced typesetters we have seen most things, our project management system allows us to take the hassle out of all your publishing needs as we will liaise with everybody involved in the project from chasing up the original manuscript to making sure the printer gets the final print ready PDF’s on time.

We are very lucky at Kerrypress in the fact we have our own in-house designers, proof readers and of course experienced Typesetters, so a majority of the work can be done with out your manuscript leaving the premises, which of course helps projects run far smoother and keeps deadlines insight.